Mobile Applications Development

Each day, more and more people spend their time online using a Smartphone or tablet device; right now, you might be reading this through one of them. When expanding your business and finding new ways to reach clients, you have to consider a mobile strategy that could be the answer to gain new adepts to your company.

In this case, is very important to determine your goals and be precise. To define exactly what your clients are going to be capable to do through your app is key. It has to be unique, to be simple.

To determine the success of any app, there are four points to take in consideration:

1. It solves a problem: It has to satisfy a need for costumers.
2. It is intuitive: People have to be able to use your app within seconds to minutes without any guidance.
3. It needs marketing: The marketing plan is divided in three phases. Pre-launch campaign, launch campaign and post-launch campaign.
4. It has strategic distribution: Your app has to be noticed and favored by costumer. The distribution channels are key to reach the desired audience.

Mobile Applications Characteristics:


– Good use of color
– Pretty
– Easy to read
– Simplicity


– Very small amount of text
– Content updated
– Content that speaks to your visitors


– Platform appropriate
– Error free
– Social Media Integration
– Memorable
– Secure


– Fast Loading
– Consistent Layout
– Unique
– Easy to use
– Appropriate feedback to the user
– Reduced number of steps

User Experience

– Fun
– Cheap
– Demographic targeted
– Shareable
– Personalized