Custom Software Dev

A good online strategy is the key to success. The Onlinemx team will help your company during its implementation designing custom software solutions easy to manage and use, making your concept a reality.

Onlinemx will guide you through the process understanding the core of your business objectives and the behavior of your clients, aligning your identity, your goals and your mission. It may be a dynamic website, an intranet, an online catalog or an ecommerce implementation, It will be tailored specifically to you and your needs.

All aspects will be considered: current and future clients, the purpose of the site, images to be included, what your competitors are making, copywriting, maintenance, possible growth, data collection, planning and, of course, the Search Engine Optimization.

Feel free to contact us to talk about your business, together we will evaluate your needs and find the best solution to accomplish all your goals. You will have an experienced team working to reach your objectives.

Custom Software Characteristics:


Good use of color
Text that is easy to red
Meaningful graphics
Quality Photography


Short and Organized
Content updated
Content that speaks to your visitors (minimize I, we and us)
Consider a Pro-Writer


Every component should work correctly
No broken links or empty pages
Error Free
Social Media integration
Call to action


Fast loading pages
Minimal scroll
Consistent Layout
Descriptive link text
Cross platform/ browser compatibility
Responsive design
Mobile ready version


Follow HTML standards
Avoid the use of Flash or image only objects
Use important keyboards frequently
Minimize the use of tables
Use CSS for positioning